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Herbal Medicine

Our Story...

Hale Botanicals is a range of luxurious body and face products crafted from botanical oils and extracts to support,  maintain and repair the skins precious barrier function. Using mostly natural ingredients our aim is to rejuvenate and restore your skin to optimum health resulting in skin that is free of irritation, radiant and glowing.

My name is Lisa Barker, I am a beauty therapist and educator and I have designed and hand crafted the Hale Botanicals range with over 2 decades experience in the beauty industry.  My experience and knowledge of the skin, ingredients and a wide range of professional products and treatments has resulted in a culmination of nurturing products mindfully created with your skins needs in mind.

My passion is achieving fantastic results for your skin without harsh ingredients or treatments therefore continuously furthering my education in skin and ingredients is a priority to ensure I can achieve this. You could say I use more traditional techniques and have seen my philosophy work for over 20 years so why not stick with it whilst using the best botanicals available!

Our products are not tested on animals with minimal ingredients, contain no harsh chemicals, sulphate free, fragrance free  hand made in small batches to ensure freshness and  contain pure botanicals and essential oils for optimum results.   

I believe we need to protect and support our environment which is why our packaging is  recyclable and ask that as a consumer you ensure you recycle our packaging responsibly.

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